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Windows & Walls


We offer a broad range of products for office and institutional decor, whether it's a standalone advertisement or a complete building revitilization


Wall Murals | Window Frosting | 3M Fasara® Glas Finishes | One Way Vision Films | Logos And Lettering | 3M Dinoc® Architectural Films



Wall murals are an inexpensive way to add durable advertising to walls and windows.  Our large format printers can create high resolution images and lettering of any size, adhering to most interior and exterior surfaces including powdercoats and bare cinderblock.



Frosted Crystal films create the look of sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost, offering opportunities to add privacy, company logos, and facility wayfinding to windows of all shapes and sizes.  Unlike traditional glass etching and sandblasting, our films can be removed and updated to reflect staffing and floorplan changes.



3M's latest line of decorative glass films go beyond the classic etched look, combining far eastern design traditions with 21st century technology.  Fasara films are available in over a hundred different unique styles such as crosshatched lines, rice-paper, misty clouds, textured fogs, and structured patterns.



Our one-way perforated films allow full-colour semi-opaque images and logos to be seen from one side of a glass surface while allowing nearly unobstructed viewing through the glass on the other side.



There is no limit to the design, shape, size or colour we can provide, with easy-to-install self-adhesive or pin-mount letters and logos for just about any surface.



A fresh development in the world of architectural applications and building retrofitting, 3M Dinoc® Architectural finishes offer a new solution for area beautification and rejuvination.  Available in over a thousand finishes, Dinoc films can be installed on new materials and existing surfaces, offering significant savings compared to traditional demolition and rebuilding.

I am renovating my interior space. Can you help me develop a unique look?

We have helped many businesses, residences, and institutions update the look and feel of their buildings. Our wide selection of finish samples provide confidence that the end result will be just what you were looking for.


What is large format/full-colour printing?

By this we refer to our printers that print photographic quality in colour, on a large scale.  There is no limit to the size of graphics we can print.


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