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Vehicle Wraps


Reach new customers and take your brand to the next level.  Vehicle wraps make big impressions at every turn.


Award Winning Design | Full And Partial Wraps | Reflective Films | One Way Vision Films | Decal Removal



Our experienced graphic designers work closley with clients to transform vehicles into mobile advertising platforms.  Our creativity has earned many vehicle graphic awards from 3M and the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada over the years.  While the recognition is nice, the real reward comes from seeing our clients succeed with eye-catching designs and bold layouts!



Full wraps involve covering most painted surfaces of a vehicle including areas like bumpers, door handles, and mirrors for the most eye-catching result possible.  Partial wraps involve covering smaller sections of a vehicle, and may avoid complex areas like roofs, bumpers, door handles, and mirrors to increase affordability, allowing our designers to work within any budget.



An excellent way to increase night-time visibility and safety, 3M 680 and 780 series reflective films can be added as accent pieces or as standalone graphics and wraps.  Available in a variety of colours, reflective films can also be custom printed with imagery and lettering for the ultimate combination of day and night-time advertising.



Our one-way vision films allow us to cover a vehicle's rear and side windows for maximum visual impact.  The perforated pattern in such films creates a high fidelity image when viewed from the outside of the vehicle, while allowing drivers and passengers to see right through while inside.



Finally, when it comes time to sell or return a leased vehicle, we also offer decal and adhesive removal services.  Our approach starts with a non-chemical, non-abrasive method that protects the underlying surface as much as possible.  From there, we rely on the same attention to detail that guides our installations to leave minimal residue behind.



What are the typical lead times for vehicle graphics?

Scheduling is dependent on the complexity of the project, availability of materials, current production workload, and design process. Typical lead times for installation range from a few days to a couple weeks after final artwork approval, however we will do our best to meet tighter deadlines as required!


Should I clean the vehicle prior to installation?

We ask that the vehicle be cleaned of excessive road grime/mud/salt etc.  Please do not apply wax or undercoating products before bringing the vehicle to us.


Will wrapping a vehicle protect my car’s paint-job?

Yes!  A properly installed vehicle wrap using quality films will protect from UV exposure and reduce roadwear from minor stone chips and scrapes.


Can a wrap be removed later?

Yes, premium wrap films are designed to be removed at the end of their lifespan.  We offer removal services for an additional fee, or you can consider doing so yourself with a little heat and elbow grease.


How long will my vehicle graphics last?

Warranty periods vary depending on the product and application, but as a rule, most professionally applied vehicle graphics have an expected life of five to eight years when cared for correctly.

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