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I am renovating my interior commercial space. Can you help me develop a unique look?

Sure we can. We’ll pay you a visit and take a look at what you have now, talk to you about your vision, your ideas and we can present you with some options to cover your walls, windows, floors and more!

What is large format/full-colour printing?

By this we refer to our printers that print photographic quality in colour, on a large scale. There is no limit to the size of graphics we can print.

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We’re not interior designers, but we offer a broad range of products for your decor. We work with architects, builders, designers, and you to provide what you need to live and work in beautiful surroundings.

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Picture Frames

Wall murals are an inexpensive way to add removable or permanent graphics and custom designs to your walls. 3M has products which adhere to nearly any surface (including brick), interior or exterior, any size or shape. Incorporate these high resolution graphics into your architecture or interior design.

What kid wouldn’t want a life-size picture of themselves on their bedroom wall? All we need is a high res photo of them in their hockey equipment or dance costume and we can make an easy-to-install, self adhesive print just for them. Makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Frosted Crystal film gives the look of sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional glass etching and sandblasting, our crystal films can be removed and updated. No matter how intricate the design, it can be reproduced and applied almost anywhere. Whether for privacy or interior design, consider crystal films (available in 6 shades) for your next project.

These new Interior Design films offer a full line of Glass decorative films with many functional applications and beautiful aesthetic appeal, combining far eastern design traditions with 21st century technology. TCG will create new visual effects with glass crosshatch patterns, rice-paper styling, misty cloud, textured fog, or structured patterns.

The perforated pattern in this printable film allows a full-colour image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through windows from the inside.

There is no limit to the design, shape, size or colour we can provide, with easy-to-install self-adhesive graphics for just about any surface. If you are not comfortable installing yourself, TCG can do it for you.

Bring a little bit of the art gallery to your home or office, with our picture frame wrapping system. We’ll enlarge your favourite photo to just about any size (up to 4’ x 4’) and create a masterpiece using this latest contemporary presentation trend. Whether it's a landscape, a family photo or a full-colour advertisement for your business, your "gallery wrap" will look amazing on any wall. Makes a great gift!

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