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How are National programs handled?

If you are looking for a complete rebrand of your signs and graphics or need ongoing supply for your premises, windows or vehicles across a number of sites, our dedicated team can help. Through a single contact at our office, we can co-ordinate the work across a number of sites ensuring complete continuity of your brand.

We have a new product line (or product promotion). How can I make sure all of my distributors are advertising?

We’ll help you decide on the best advertising tools to use and then we can produce and ship the signs/graphics directly to your distributors.

dealer / co-op programs
TCG will work with you to create a program that provides graphics for your distributors or franchisees, ensuring consistency across North America. Whether it’s a national or international program for fleet graphics or signs of just about any type, trust TCG to deliver.
Let your suppliers pay for your graphics. Why not utilize your co-op dollars in a vehicle graphics or signage program? We can help you develop a new program or expand on an existing one.










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