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How do I send artwork?

You can email, drop it off on CD/DVD/USB drive or drop on our ftp site. Call us for further details.

What format do I send my artwork?

The best format to send your artwork is a vector eps file (if art allows). Raster graphics can be sent as Photoshop, Corel Draw, FlexiSign, pdf, jpg, tiff etc as long at they are high enough resolution. Be sure to convert all text to curves, or embed the font. If you have a format you are unsure of please contact us.

What is high enough resolution?

By this we are referring to the dots per inch (dpi) that make up your full-colour images (i.e. psd, jpg, tiff, bitmap graphics). The dpi at finished graphic size should be at least 50 -75 dpi so once we know what size the image is going to be, we can calculate what dpi we need to begin with. If your graphics are vector based, resolution is not an issue.

advertising and trade shows title

Let us help you promote your products and services, establish or increase brand awareness, direct people to your location, or guide them around your places of business. We will maintain consistency that adheres to your corporate standards and guidelines.

Floor Graphics | Sidewalk Graphics | Billboards / Site Signs | Wall Murals
A-frames, Spinning Signs, Chrome Signs | Banners | Banner Stands | Literature Racks
Pop Up Display | POS

This scuff-resistant and durable product is designed to provide a slip-resistant surface for short-term or longer term interior promotions. Floor graphics provide maximum impact in any custom size or shape. And, positionable adhesive makes them easy to apply directly to the surface of waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble, terrazzo, ceramic tile and finished wood floors. They are also easy to remove - saving time, money and hassle. And of course, they are backed by our Warranty / Performance Guarantee.

Just when you thought you had seen it all. Check out 3M's eye-catching, double-take-inducing approach that can build brand awareness, direct, inform and sell your products, venue or special event. Sidewalk Sign Graphics provide customers the opportunity to penetrate new promotional markets and experience exterior signage from a new vantage point...outdoor pavement surfaces. Sidewalk graphics allow you to cut through the clutter of traditional, high-investment mass media and typical P-O-P displays to deliver memorable impressions to key audiences at the point of customer contact. Get people walking your way!

Whether you need a small sign or a large billboard, we have the capability and the materials to produce all.
Depending on YOUR needs (short-term, long-term, full-colour), we'll work with you to determine the materials and production method required and that suit your budget.
Draw attention to your work site. Build brand awareness and recognition with well-designed site and safety signs.

Turn textured Surfaces into Prime Real Estate! Until now, many surfaces have been unusable for graphics because there hasn't been a film that performs well on textured surfaces like concrete block, brick, tile, poured cement and industrial stucco. But now these surfaces can come to life with 3M Scotchcal™ Graphic film. This unique, conformable film can be molded to surfaces and creates crisp, photographic quality images that can inform, promote and advertise.
Bottom line: where you used to see bare walls, you can now see exciting opportunities. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back

Perfect for the Office or Retail environment as well as Contractors and Realtors, we offer many kinds of A-frames, sign holders and portable sign stands to custom suit your needs - at prices you can afford.

Traditional banners are great for short-term promotions, and tradeshows.
We have a wide selection of materials to choose from, that suit your needs and budget.
Banner stands (telescopic or retractable) are a quick and simple solution for tradeshow displays and product promotions. All are easy to set up, many come with their own carrying cases.

Literature stands, racks and brochure holders are the ideal way to display company literature professionally. Their portability and easy set up make them a great choice for tradeshows, special events, and retail environments.

Convenient pop-up displays are available in several configurations and come with a convenient carrying case. Not only are our displays aesthetically pleasing, they also make transportation and setup quick and easy. Various accessories, including lighting and shelving kits, are available for your display exhibit upon request. We can also give your existing display panels a face lift.
Let TCG help you boost sales with full-colour digital graphics on your Point-Of-Sale signage.

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